Monday, October 15, 2012

Crazy Microsoft tried to scam me AGAIN!

I have bought four or five different Microsoft computers since 2002, but I promise myself to never buy another Microsoft product until they stop jerking me around & until they acknowledge that I am divorced from that wicked pervert of Colorado,;and until they acknowledge that I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. They NEVER update their records. And I have notified them in writing at least five times of these events.<P>
Women, if you buy any Microsoft product in your name while married, then get a divorce everything you do on that product will be forever attached to your ex-husband's ID as if it were his. Microsoft assumes women are stupid and cannot operate a computer, or have bank accounts of their own. <P>
 I have lived in Missouri for 3 YEARS & been divorced 5 years [2nd time]  & yet every time I try to login to any hotmail/live/outlook account with MY VERY NAME on it, Microsoft tries to prevent me from using MY OWN NAME or my OWN email though I spent a lot of money on their worthless products. <P>
 I have reached the point of no return with their con-games of just enter this code or that trick code and do it about 20 more times and maybe we will allow you to use your name IF we like what you write as we spy on you while you type. <P>
 Women, just don't buy Microsoft products. They are all bad--they have NO security, they don't know who their customers are, their products don't play well with other devices or O.S.; they have some rigged trick to keep you going around and around in circles until they have time to notify your violent psychopath exhusband to ask him if he minds if you use your name & email. <P>
They are absolutely one of the most sexist companies on this planet. Plus they help your violent psychopath exhusband steal your paintings you painted, your words you wrote, your poems, essays, websites, emails--whatever you do on the web.  They think they are "helping" you every time they lock you out of YOUR account. AS IF having a violent psychopath whose has vowed to kill you stalking you with their 'shared' url login for your email is somehow a help to you. <P>
They are crazy ! <P>
Gloria Poole, RN licensed in Missouri; & artist in oils, watercolors, powdered pastels. acrylics, pen/inks,goauche, tempera, chrcoals, pencils. And prolifer [which the Gates Foundation to annihilate the human race really really hates.] @ my apt and only residence in Missouri; 15-oct-2012; 7:55pm
P.S. the Indian Chief sketch is a MADE-UP person--not real.