Thursday, March 1, 2012

My computer skills are growing; Being true to my mission

I have spent most of the month of February trying to learn how to securely erase the HD on my iMac that seemed to come from the box as a sieve. I have learned from years of writing on the prolife and Christian causes that born again believers are rare on the internet. Does that mean they see it as a dangerous pagan place? They would be correct in that unfortunately. It is somewhat like being at an atheist convention must be.
 However, I think it is an excellent way of teaching, and being politically active. That does not mean it is without risks. Being either a paid journalist or a citizen journalist has many risks. The repressive, oppressive regimes of the world do NOT want the light of day shed on their activities, and they use many forms to suppress freedom of press. There were 78 deaths of journalists [paid by news media] in the past 12 months, if I remember the statistic I read recently correctly.
 In really bad regimes like communist Latin America & Mexico, journalists are killed with some regularity. for publishing their news. In other countries they are arrested, held in house confinement with guards watching [China] , and sometimes tortured, starved, beaten.
 In the US the Obama regime tries to fry private computers of those who disagree with him or his anti-GOD and anti-life plan for the US. Or they use treachery & deceit to unload malware onto your computer, or they abuse police powers to brand a person as a trouble-maker for writing words they don't like, then abuse their offices to harass, persecute, and destroy computers, mobile phones that are web enabled or twitter enabled, or label a grandmother of small children who photographs them at holidays as 'suspicious". That latter is because Obama does not plan for any one to ever be parents or grandparents--he is anti-life totally.
  Anyway, to sum up, I am alive and have finally gotten my desktop imac back online after being offline since Feb 3rd because of treachery & deceit of Apple Computers who had surveillance help from  perverts working for Obama. Being spied on 24/7 by every device I own seems to come with the territory of saying I am opposed to killing innocents in the womb. I know Obama and his thugs are totally all in favor of killing innocents anywhere, but I am opposed to that. So I have endured 24/7 surveillance of me [for being 'suspicious" since I oppose killing]  via my gadgets, computers, mobiles, since that thug got into office. And of course, the purpose of surveillance is to try to prevent speech that might affect Obama's job security. I pray it very much affects his job security and he is booted out of office this November! Anybody that does not work for Planned Parenthood or in their pocket, would be a better President than that killer-of-innocents-in-womb-Obama.
Gloria Poole; 1:12pm;1-March-2012;in Missouri
 PS someone is interfering into my writing & apparently someone who works for Apple computers spying on me as I type trying to prevent me from adding Apple computers to my labels . And apparently trying to mess up/ skew the labels which is fairly often event in my life--Apple staff sees your desktop as you type.
 Update at 1:53pm from my apt in Missouri that I do not share with felons, or with drug addicts or with perverts, or with violent murderous thugs:
Article  at is about
two fiber optic cables to Obama's native country [Kenya] and also to mid-East, India , and most of Africa were  cut this past week as his reelection campaign is hitting high gear. You think that was an accident? I don't.
Read article. 
 Also, in case you don't know I am a white woman. I paint a wide variety of persons that are made up people [not real people] in costume. The previous sketch of an  indian was only one of is not a real person.