Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Kentucky Bluegrass Hobby" is a sketch I drew & painted; not a real person.

This sketch in acrylics I sketched/ painted and named it "Kentucky bluegrass hobby". It is on other blogs of mine. I am adding it here to clarify. I Gloria Poole {RN} painted this and all sketches, paintings displayed on this blog.  I am a white, christian, heterosexual, single woman. The rider in this sketch is not a real person. I do have an uncle from Virginia that had a black mustache when I was a child, but I have not seen him since the 1990's; and think he moved to West Palm Beach Florida. But I did not have him or anyone in mind when I drew this sketch. He was one of my favorite uncles [on my mother's side of my family] and so it's possible that influenced me. However, as I uploaded it this sketch the other day when logged into a microsoft email of mine and was trying to add it to my album of my sketches I created, Microsoft grabbed it and added it to my family photos! I was not happy. It's a sketch and not of an actual person, {that uncle may not even be alive--he was my mother's age and she died in Jan 2010}. It doesn't look like a photo of an actual event as you see the spiral binder to the left that is the binding on that sketch book of mine.

 I am having to document more and more who I am, where I am, what blogs belong to me. I think it has to do with Copyright. Images of original art I create are copyrighted and I Gloria Poole own all rights to my art I crete. I have never given any one permission to use either my name I was born with and that is my legal name of Gloria Poole, nor have I ever assigned my copyright to anyone except in two cases;  {When I donated paintings to the Eskine Caldwell Museum in Georgia at the request of a member of their board; and to the St Simons Island Georgia Museum  } so the fact that Google search reveals "13 other people named Gloria Poole" sort of upsets me.

 This is intended to clarify to Microsoft and anybody else that I created this drawing from free-hand drawing, painted it with a brush and acrylics, signed it; and own it. I also own all rights to it. And to all art I create. Copyright. Gloria Poole/ gloriapoole aka:  gloria0817; gpoole817; gloriapooleRN; gloriapoole.RN; gloriapoole1749; gloriapoole; gloriapoole with other numerals in some cases [I don't reveal emails in some cases for protection of accounts].

 Gloria Poole =gloria0817; =gloriapoole at my apt in Missouri but originally from the state of Georgia; and I have a Registered Nurse license in Missouri; 3:24pm; 20 April 2013