Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is NOT an OFFICE!

I don't know how or when somebody got the impression that my apt is in an office at the present time. It is not. I do have a home/office/studio which is basically my second bedroom, converted.  It has both my so-called personal office and my studio space; but I have another studio space in my alcove, where I draw sketches. My office/studio/work space is not spacious or elegantly outfitted but I do have some great electronics, that are my PERSONAL stuff.  I am not running a business. I am marketing my art I create some, in several ways. I post some photos of it that I take on my blogs and tweet about it some of the time. And I have contacted some Museums and art collectors from time to time to show them some of my art I create.
 I am also known on the web as gloriapoole; gpoole817; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; Gloria Poole,RN; Gloria Poole; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; and other variations of my same real born name. 
I Gloria Poole own the copyright and all rights to the art [sketches, paintings, drawings,] and the words, blogs, poems I write. I am a white woman, divorced twice, single at the present time; Christian, prolifer. You may read more about me if you are interested on the about me page on my blog at

 I am not employed anywhere. I do not have a boss nor a 'supervisor" nor a husband; not a business partner; nor a partner in any meaning. I am heterosexual woman. It is necessary to write that because my 2nd exhusband broke into some accounts of mine in the past, and he was bisexual and he confused some people including me.  I am heterosexual only. His activities ruined my trust which led among other causes to his violence against me. [ As a sum-up of that fiasco 2nd marriage, that led to divorce in Oct 2007; and I resumed my maiden name of Gloria Poole after that 2nd divorce]. To change topics...
 I am adding the sketch I drew [free hand] and painted in acrylics a couple of weeks ago. The man riding the front horse is supposed to be twisting in his saddle, to prod the bull with that  electric prod; but it doesn't quite look right. Most likely it is a redo  at some point in time. I saw a photo of a bullfight in the BBC that day; and it reminded me of when my daughter Jennifer went to Spain and France during high school in Georgia. I had to rethink the time, but think it was her Jr yr in high school  before she became a Senior in high school. Then she went to Italy after she graduated from college. She went to Pamplona in person and it made an impression on her and it was one of the events she talked about when she got back.  So the BBC photo brought back those memories and I decided to try to sketch it. It is also on another blog of mine.  I named this sketch bullfight. It is acrylics on bristol board [a stiff paper ]. Copyright. Gloria Poole; gloriapoole;gloria0817;gpoole817; in any variation of my name; at my apt in Missouri; 3:15pm;27-Jan-2013; also, you can contact me via my landline telephone, my cell phones or by my numbers posted on some of my blogs. Or by email.