Monday, July 21, 2014

My idea to help world peace: Christmas Tree 2014 sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

"Christmas tree 2014" sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri, acrylics on 14 x 17 paper
I have been thinking on how all countries of the world could celebrate the Christmas season of peace and joy of Christians even if they are not Christian. And I painted an idea of a tree that glitters and sparkles which children of all ethnic groups and or religions would like ,  and  that would be a way of signaling to Christians that they are welcome in those countries. In other words, a way for non-Christian countries to send a clear message to Christians that they could visit their countries even at Christmas and be welcome.  I acknowledge that those who don't know THE SAVIOUR MESSIAH JESUS won't have the peace in their hearts that Christians do, but they can participate in the season without being ostracized or making Christians ostracized.
 I am Southern Baptist Christian and I believe in JESUS who came to earth as THE GOD in human form to understand the reality of humanity as humans perceive it, and to tell the humans about HIMSELF and about heaven and hell, and who was crucified by evil to try to silence Him, but who rose from the dead on the third day and ascended to heaven where HE LIVES. All of this I tell you is written in The Holy Bible.
 This is prompted by the events in the "middle east" of Israel, Gaza, Palestine, Syria [with Damascus of the Bible], Jerusalem,  and all the nations that are primarily Jewish or Arabic.  I fear that Armageddon as foretold in Revelations is staring the human race in the face.  Somehow, the message has to get through to the world that the same GOD made us all, and oversees all that happens on the earth, and that HE will be the final Judge of all humans on HIS JUDGEMENT DAY.  In John 10:30, KJV JESUS said, " I and my Father are ONE". The record of the vision as revealed by JESUS to the disciple John of what happens at the end of time for the earth and what happens in heaven [and hell] is the book of Revelation in The Holy Bible.
  I, Gloria Poole, drew, painted, signed, photographed on my portable drawing board, and uploaded this sketch to make a point that Christians are not going away until JESUS comes again and gathers them to heaven. So, the Arabs need to stop persecuting them and the Jews need to accept them and the world needs to commit to peace on earth, good will toward all men as the angel said when he announced the coming of JESUS on the earth.  A Christmas tree is a good symbol because JESUS was born in a stable, a manger where animals lived thus implying a rural area. A rural area has trees. A decorated [or not ] tree in the home lit up in some way to warm the dark of winter and the home is symbolic of the light of GOD on the earth.
 I do not know the answers to the conflicts in the "middle east". Perhaps the answer is in the book of Revelations that describes the final war on earth when people melt while standing [ which I think is a reference to nuclear war] that is named Armageddon in the Bible. Or perhaps the vision of Armageddon is meant to be a warning to the Jews and Arabs that they have the power to destroy the entire globe if they are not careful, and to make peace?
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