Saturday, August 23, 2014

This Georgia peach sketched peaches by Gloria Poole / gloria0817

Peaches in watercolor sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri 23 August, 2014. I photographed this on my new smaller portable drawing board propped n my medium size easel. Also see other sketches by scrolling. I was born in the state of Georgia and peaches are one of biggest crops. And they are very good. 

Charcoal sketch2 of Abraham Lincoln with nose job  by Gloria Poole. I had a great time trying to do-over his nose! When I worked in the operating room as either First Assistant or Circulator, I also helped with plastic surgery cases.  Of course, that means lots of noses surgically broken by surgeon then re-shaped to be more likeable to the patient. I was thinking about that when I started drawing the face of President Abraham Lincoln and I was thinking 'if he lived today, he might do-over his nose" and then it became impossible it seemed to just draw it as it appeared on copper pennies.  Of course, I  didn't make too much of effort to draw it precisely as it is  [on pennies] / was  [in his lifetime]  but was mostly experimenting with charcoals which I very rarely draw/ create with.  This is the second time I tried to draw Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest Presidents the U S ever had.  I posted the first attempt to draw Lincoln  that I created few months ago to my blog I think but you have to scroll the archives to find it. 

"Old man " sketch by Gloria Poole when I lived in Aurora, Colorado in yr 2006. Acrylics on paper. This is not a real person. 

"Poppies" acrylic painting by Gloria Poole; painted in yr 2006 when I lived in Aurora Colorado

Patio brunch sketch by Gloria Poole, yr 2011  ; I photographed this on my larger portable drawing board [which is the brown board with metal clips holding it. These are not real people.

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For the record: I, Gloria Poole, am the same woman that began this blog years ago with a pseudonym of sorts that combines my born with first name of Gloria and numbers that have significance to me, when I was in a terrible second marriage and living in Colorado, and the man who was my then-husband was very violent to me, tried to prevent me talking to anyone or going anywhere without him, tried to make me be "less Christian", tried several times  to kill me and in the process crippled me.  I began this blog and this account in those times with that sort of pseudonym [gloria0817]  to have a way to write on the web without invoking his wrath against me.  I am divorced from him [DBP] since Oct 2007 and that is recorded in Arapahoe County Colorado and the final decree of divorce from male DBP was signed by District Court Judge in Arapahoe County Colorado, and I removed the Pappas name which was his surname from my name and resumed my full, born with, maiden name including my surname of Poole at the same time. You can read more on these blogs of mine: 
 I, Gloria Poole, am a single-again, twice-divorced Southern Baptist Christian woman and the natural mother of two daughters born to me during my first marriage who are Jennifer and Leigh. I, Gloria Poole, am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, an artist in all mediums, a poet, author, cartoonist, illustrator, writer, blogger, prolife activist, personhood amendment promoter, U S citizen born in the state of Georgia, a University of Georgia alumna, a republican, photographer , and a citizen journo.
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