Thursday, February 28, 2013

Paintings painted by Gloria Poole

oil painting by Gloria Poole; "sleeping in a stetson; not a real person!

This is a painting in oils that I painted and named "sleeping in a stetson": this is my photo of it, the painting itself is larger. This is NOT a real person. The stetson is modeled after a man I dated after 2nd divorce, who was Southern [as I am]; and who wore a stetson some of the time. I saw him napping in his hat in his truck once at the steering wheel. I did not attempt to paint him for obvious reasons {we broke up in yr 2009} .

 I am updating some of my blogs that have my real name in them today.

Sketched by Gloria Poole; named "it "Anglo-Saxon";  on paper, watercolors

This above is a watercolor sketch I drew and painted with watercolors. It is on paper in sketch book. I named it "Anglo-Saxon" . This Anglo-Saxon [ means half English half German] had a broken nose .  This is also NOT a real person. I usually do not try to paint real people. Generally, I think that might be insulting to THE ONE [GOD] who made them. I mostly paint only imaginary people--made up in my mind as I have a brush or pen in my hand.

 I also added seven sketches to another blog of mine today at: When I added those I had not figured out how to make the photos the correct size.

This sketch above I drew/painted and named "Brown lady with scarf-hat" . It is a NOT a real person.  It was mostly trying to achieve a certain brown skin tone[ not black, not caucasian; not olive skin tones, and see if I could draw a scarf-hat I saw in a picture, that sort of look tied like a turban, but better--like a woman would do.] I didn't get the scarf-hat right but you can see it anyway. 

Sketches are simple an effort to get a clear direction in my mind of how I want something to look. I draw/paint them quickly, usually in 1/2 hr- 4 hrs at most, in either pencils, watercolors, acrylics, inks, charcoal, graphite. It is as much a learning effort as it is a viewing effort.

I had hundreds of my photos on my repository site at when I owned that domain. That content was supposed to have been destroyed since I could not prevent cyber-criminals from breaking into it. But in most cases I have the actual art I created and also backup photos of it. 

 You my see more of my art on my blog at and on the links on that blog, and on other blogs of mine. Gloria is my born with Christian name, which means glory to GOD.
 I Gloria Poole am a WHITE, single, woman, who happens to be a Registered Nurse, and an artist; and I live in Missouri since Oct 2009. I am originally from Georgia. This sketch brown lady is not me and it is not a real person, to repeat.

Copyright Notice:

All art I create in any form, with any tool, brush, pen,pencil, app, graphics program, on any medium of canvas, bristol board, paper, digital ink, mobile, computer, board, cardboard, in any place, at any time or year is COPYRIGHTED as intellectual properties. I Gloria Poole own the copyright to what I create also including the words I write, the poems, the art,the medical lessons I create belong to me exclusively. You may not copy them, reproduce them, reprint them, download them, photograph them in any way with any method. This paragraph is a legal notice that I Gloria Poole am the copyright owner and I reserve all rights to the art I create, whether or not I ever photograph it or display it publicly anywhere
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