Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ocean and Pier oil painting I painted

Ocean and Pier oil Painting by Gloria Poole
This is the painting I painted in oils intermittently over a few weeks. I mentioned it on my blog at: to say I was painting on new large canvas. It is about 4 ft wide and three ft tall but I didn't measure it exactly.  I wanted to paint a scene that I remember well from my childhood when I went with my family to the beach in Pensacola [where my mother's grandfather was once Mayor; and where I have cousins still .]  I loved the Pier there but this Pier does not look anything like that one. That one as I remember it had wood that had worn off all paint, and rails on sides and fishing tackle along the edges, and sinks for washing fish. I wanted my painting to be basic Pier with sorta choppy water.
 This painting is on my wall in my front room. I recently competed it and you will see my signature Gloria in script with the year, in the bottom lower left corner. 
 I also added a sketch to my blog today  at I update my blogs as the mood strikes me & I'm not in a hurry and want to cope with internet & my computers.
Also, for the record, my REAL NAME is Gloria Poole. I am divorced twice from 2 different men [the most recent in Oct 2007 in Colorado; and the first time in GA];  and I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. I resumed my maiden name after both divorces.  I am the white, single, Christian woman who happens to be a R.N. and artist, and mother of 2 grown daughters,and grandmother of seven minor children; and republican, and prolifer, writer, blogger, photographer., who lives in Missouri but who was born in Georgia. I own the copyright to all works and words I create. I have not assigned my copyright on this painting or on any images of art I created that I photographed and put on this blog, or any blog of mine. I have other blogs. See my about me pages and my profile pages on Google, Microsoft, Yahoo,  for more info, and visit each blog since they are all unique and have different art and words on each. Sometimes there's overlap on purpose if I am trying to make a point.
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