Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another one of my newest ethnic paintings

One of ethnic paintings I Gloria Poole, painted. It's North Korean oil on canvas.
This is one of the ethnic paintings I painted in the past few weeks to be included in the ethnic series of paintings that I began in yr 2007. This is oil on canvas size 16 x 20 I think --didn't measure it, and the blank  canvases were a gift to me for my birthday from my oldest daughter Jennifer.  And I painted them all up quickly because I had been drawing sketches and cartooning for a while & wanted a change of pace.

I have painted about 26 ethnic paintings in all now including the six in the past month. Many of them have been posted on the web in other places. I hope someday to display all of them in one room or gallery. Also, note, that the paintings are not of real people. I paint them from my head in most cases. Sometimes, I use a costume I saw on a thumbnail in magazine as the clothing, but I do not try to paint real people as a general rule. Part of that is my concern about making "graven images'  which is forbidden in Bible. 

Also, I added another  oil painting of ethnic series that I painted in that same batch to my blog tonite, at http://gloriapoole.blogspot.com.  I add my photos of art I create intermittently to a variety of blogs. I added some blogs just for cartooning & all who have seen those, also like them. One of them is http://cartooning-by-gloriapoole.blogspot.com. 

Copyright; Gloria Poole; also known as [ on the web]; Gloria;gloria0817; gpoole817; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole.RN; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749.wordpress.com. Painted, photographed and added to my blog by me Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri; 17-Sept-2013; 9:23 pm.