Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anxiety Oil Painting by Gloria Poole

Anxiety portrait by Gloria Poole aka Gloria; surreal painting; 2013 in oils on canvas
Anxiety portrait by Gloria Poole aka Gloria; surreal painting; 2013 in oils on canvas

This is an oil painting on canvas, that I Gloria Poole, painted to attempt to show with surreal art,  the stress and anxiety really old people feel if they do not have good family support. I suppose this is sort of modeled after a man who was my neighbor when I was a child, and whose wife died about 20 yrs before he did, and who seemed sort of lost whenever I would go his house to say hello to him.  It is sort of as I remember he looked; but he died when I was in high school so I don't think it's exactly like him but he did have a shock of white hair.  Obviously this painting was sitting lop-sided on my chair as I photographed it. I didn't realize it until I had added it to this blog. The light green places represent threats/ fears he had and that I know as Registered Nurse that all very old people experience. You can figure out the eyes.
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