Saturday, January 18, 2014

Four sketches by Gloria Poole =gloria0817

Egyptian Priest ethnic sketch by gloriapoole; ye 2014; mixed media
Egyptian Priest; ethnic series sketch by Gloria Poole; yr 2014; mixed media watercolors & acrylics

Tony Blair of UK, sketch by Gloria Poole
Tony Blair of UK, sketch by Gloria Poole ;yr 2009; inks

boy learning to read; sketch by Gloria Poole
Boy learning to read ; sketch by Gloria Poole

Pencil drawing of Leigh my youngest daughter when she was 4; by Gloria Poole
Trying to draw Leigh my youngest daughter from her photo as child; pencil drawing by Gloria Poole

Copyright: I, Gloria Poole; also known in real life as Gloria and on oil paintings as Gloria signed by me in paint;  and on some sketches as Gloria Poole signed by me as in these sketches; own all rights to this blog, to all words of it, and to all photos on it, whether of art I created or genre photographs I photographed with cameras. I am gloria0817 and that has been a way I write my name on web since year 2002. It is not the only way I write my name on the web however. I also am known on web as: gloriapoole; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; G Poole817 ; gloriapoole1749; Ms Gloria Poole; Poole,Gloria; Gloria Poole; Gloria Poole,RN; gloriapoole.RN; and other variations of my real, born with and legal name of Gloria Poole.  
For the record: I am white, single, a woman, Christian and the natural mother of two grown daughters who are named Jennifer and Leigh.   I divorced a second time in Colorado in Oct, 2007 after 4 horrible years of a second marriage that included much violence and abuse against me. I removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore by order of District Ct Judge in Centennial, Colorado at the time of final divorce decree from DBP in yr Oct, 2007. I resumed my maiden name including my surname I was born with of Poole at time of final decree.  I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 with my art and belongings. I was born in the state of Georgia and am a U S citizen by birth. I own some land in Georgia. I am also a Registered Nurse with a license in Missouri; and before that in GA, CO; Virginia.
I write extensively on the #prolife cause. To see the medical photos of tiny humans in womb, you need to scroll back on this blog 2 or 3 posts. They are in plain sight--you cannot miss them. Also, see other blogs of mine  that I post art I create too; and see other #prolife blogs of mine. Saving the human race from self-destruction is an important goal of mine, but I cannot do that alone.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri 18-January-2014 at 7:58pm.