Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Public Notice to Tumblr: NO, I do not transfer my copyrights to you!

Public Notice that I am planning to stop using tumblr blog of mine  and retreive my intellectual property from them because of the changes in their terms and conditions; and to notify them publicly as I also did privately that I do NOT transfer the copyrights of the art I created and put on my tumblr before the terms and conditions were changed recently. My tumblr is: . I also do NOT consent to the transfer of my copyrights of the art on it to anyone! For any reason.

This is what I sent to them [with a bit more identifying info  that public doesn't need to know]: I am quoting myself on their web form:
"To tumblr: Quote from ur terms & conditions: "When you provide Subscriber Content to Tumblr through the Services, you grant Tumblr a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable right and license to use, host, store, cache, reproduce, publish, display (publicly or otherwise), perform (publicly or otherwise), distribute, transmit, modify, adapt (including, without limitation, in order to conform it to the requirements of any networks, devices, services, or media through which the Services are available), and create derivative works of, such Subscriber Content. "
IF this is true, then it is a radical change and not acceptable to me..."

I am posting this  publicly for obvious reasons --so that tumblr or its agents  and staff cannot hijack the photos of art that I created and have in my possession as tangible, real property of oils on canvas or sketches on paper or bristol board.  I create much art and I like to allow others to view it, because I know Museums are often quite expensive for middle-class with children. But I am not transferring my copyrights to it at any time. I have posted copyright notices on that tumblr, and I guess they didn't like that because when I logged in today, to add new sketches, they put new terms and conditions and said I had to agree to them if I want to use their platform. I do NOT agree, indicated that on their form and in writing and again with this public notice.  I do NOT agree for other people to reap the rewards of art I create!

Copyright: I am Gloria Poole, also known as Gloria in real life and on oil paintings since I sign my given Christian name on them when I complete them in paint and in script [hand-writing]; and on some sketches as Gloria Poole signed by me; and also on the web as: gloriapoole; gloria0817; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749; Gloria Poole; Gloria Poole,RN; gpoole817; and also artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings; and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole.of Missouri own all rights to this blog, to the text of it, to the art I created and posted on it, to the photos I photographed and placed on it in digital form [and on my cameras or cell phones] and to my art I create or did create whether or not I display it anywhere. I currently live in Missouri but I was born in the state of Georgia.  I am white, Christian, single [divorced twice] woman, and the mother of two daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. And a republican, prolifer, artist in all art mediums; and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri.
GloriaPoole; at my apartment in Missouri which is my only residence; 29-January-2014 at 8:01am.