Saturday, March 14, 2015

My very first clay object I made and painted by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri and Georgia

This is my photo of the clay 'doll" in a "bassinet" that I made from some of the clay I received as a Christmas gift from my daughter Jennifer,[who has art degrees and is my "art critic" to help me get perspective correct at times; see footnote] and who encourages my art. I read in art history [before Christmas] that Picasso made about 10,000 works of art, some on canvas, some with metal, some with bronze, some with clay, and I thought why shouldn't I try other mediums to create art? So I mentioned on phone that I wanted to try to make something with clay so Jennifer bought clay for me for Christmas. Doing anything with it was NOT easy! I put the red clay only version of this with the tools I had made from household objects on another blog of mine in its rawest form [] an entry or two back [not the top post]. I wanted viewers to see the "process" sort of. Then I let it dry from that day of those photos until yesterday at room temperature. When it was at so-called "leather stage" I signed my name and date on the bottom of it. I had researched on web how to make clay object using "hand-thrown" method and the youtube videos were really my learning tool. I admit is is very primitive but it actually looks better than I thought it was going too, when I was sitting there with clay everywhere and grappling with it sort of to force it into any sort of shape. I almost quit and threw it in trash. Then thought, 'hey, if Picasso could do this then so can I", and proceeded. Last night I painted it. Then this morning I tried to paint the bassinet like a reed basket but it didn't look right. Plus, the babies in my family [for as long as I remember way back into my own toddlerhood because I have a brother who was born when I was 16 months old] slept in bassinets, so decided that is more true to real life for my family. So, I repainted it in white this morning, so it has about three coats of acrylic paint. So, it is not perfect by any means but it is better than I thought it would be. I decided to forgo the customary blue or pink blanket that swaddles the so-called baby because I wanted it to be something little boys or little girls could play with. The swaddled blanket leaves much to be desired. I have more clay and will try again to make something artsy from it. But anyway, I am sharing these photos I took of this this morning with world. See more by scrolling.

Close-up pf clay "doll in bassinet" that I made from clay and painted.

This is the underside of the clay doll in bassinet that I signed when the clay was a bit damp still, called the "leather stage" and I signed the year. I realized after I photographed it, that is probably my finger prints in clay forever!

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This is my digital signature I signed in digital ink with graphics program to make a 2015 personal logo.

This is my photo of U S flag I photographed on walkabout to remind all that I am U S citizen with all civil liberties including first amendment freedom of Press, freedom to worship GOD; freedom to protest governments, and freedom to associate or not with whomever I please.

This is my hand on one of my Southern Baptist christian cross necklaces that shows NO image of artist's idea of what JESUS looked like. There is no physical description of JESUS in Bible, nor is there any physical description of GOD THE FATHER as HE appeared to Abraham. Exodus chapter 20 warns against making images, statues, or idols of GOD in any manner. I do not make images or statues or "graven images" [molded?] images of what I think GOD THE FATHER or JESUS THE GODHEAD IN THE FLESH WOULD LOOK LIKE. BECAUSE I ADHERE TO COMMANDMENTS OF GOD.

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Footnote:My daughter Jennifer does not paint or create anything in my apt or paint on any art I create and never has. How she helps me is if I have problems with a painting, I photograph it and text it to her in Omaha, Nebraska, and ask her opinion of why it looks wrong? And she will text me back with words such as neck is too long [on one of horses I painted} so I repaint it. I ask her opinion before I sign difficult paintings to see if they look right to her? In other words if they don't look right to her, I re-paint them. I value her and my other daughter Leigh's opinions about art because they formally studied art in Italy and at their universities. I formally studied drawing and had some tech school classes on mixing paint and oil painting but my college education is not in painting or art. I am educated as REgistered Nurse and have a business degree from University of Georgia.

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