Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A sketch failure made yesterday by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

This is the very bad, no good sketch I made yesterday of purple irises. I tried repeatedly to get it right, but I consider this sketch a failure. I admit I was distracted. It was a gorgeous day and I spent hours sitting on my balcony watching the birds and the lawn maintenance people and then decided to try to sketch from there. There was too much external stimulation to my brain I think because I re-painted this about ten times while on balcony but I never got it right. The lawn mowers were just too distracting to me. I am posting it to encourage other people not to give up when you consider yourself a failure. If you are one of those who periodically experience a sense of having failed, remember this sketch and have a good laugh, then pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and begin again. This is acrylic on 8 x 11 paper.

This is another sketch I made yesterday but late in evening when most people had settled into their apts for the night and it was quiet. It's a simple sketch of white flowers with greenery. I made it with charcoal and watercolors, which was a new technique for me and on 8 x 11 paper.

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