Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rooster and walkover bridge sketches created by Gloria Poole,RN,artist in Missouri on 29 April 2015

This is one of two sketches I drew painted and signed yesterday after lunch and photographed on my portable drawing board this morning and uploaded. I named this sketch "Rooster at first light". The blue stars represent the purkinje shift of night to day and the giant sun is first on the horizon as it comes up and then bounces into the sky. I didn't quite capture that look I wanted so I might try this sketch again.

This is the 2nd sketch I drew painted signed yesterday and photographed and uploaded today; and I named this "walkover bridge with flowers". I really like walkover bridges or as some cities call them "pedestrian bridges" that cross water, or ravines, or rocky uneven ground. I have sketched them several times before and even made up a few as I wanted them to be. I posted the others to blogs also and you can compare this one to those if you like.

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This is a reminder that I am a University of Georgia alumna from the Terry College of Business there.

This is a reminder that I am also a graduate of the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing [years ago] and am a Registered Nurse with a license in Missouri, but I first had a license in Georgia for years.

This is my latest selfie.

This is my most recent selfie but I still put my hair in lop-sided pony tail when I am painting or walking about or drawing with inks. It prevents hair from getting into my face or into paints or inks.

This is one of my photos of U S flag to remind all that I am U S citizen born in the state of Georgia and physically in the U S and have all Constitutional guarantees including the first amendment.

You may see the #birdsketches I made in past 24 hours on my And also other art I made on these blogs of mine: including the story I wote and illustrated and named "The Lady Bugs that give picnics"; [#cartoons I made]

and other blogs of mine that I create one by one also that are primarily for the #prolife, #personhood cause but that I create art for and photograph for to illustrate my talking points at times.

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